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Writers Panel at NOFA-VT Winter Conference

Julia Shipley, John Churchman, and Kate Spring all have very different ways of blending farming, homesteading, and writing - poetry, essays, articles, and picture books were all part of the discussion in our writers panel at the NOFA-VT Winter Conference. Helen Labun moderated, and the notes on what we said are now posted! 

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Respecting Life, Accepting Death - Thoughts Regarding On-Farm Slaugther

On a cold day in November, Malik’s car pulls up in our driveway. He and a companion, Papa, step out. . . We shake hands and exchange warm greetings. Malik asks after my husband and our two grown children. I ask Malik and Papa how their families are doing. We comment on the weather. Daylight is fading, however, and there’s work to do, so we head to the barn. 

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Opinion: Connecting Online

Hashtags are a simple social media tool that lets folks find posts on topics they care about. Vermont's farmers, food producers, and food system nonprofits have taken an interest in using this system more effectively - for example via the #RootedInVermont campaign. Why do these simple tags seem so important? 

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