Write for Local Banquet


Interested in writing a story for Local Banquet that explores agriculture in Vermont? Great plan. Here’s How.

Please pitch a story first, don't send a final version for consideration. Email to localbanquet@gmail.com. If you want to submit a story idea but not actually write the story, that's fine too - just make it clear in your message.

Please format the subject line in the following way “Story Idea: [A few word description]”. In the opening lines, please also indicate if you are considering a feature, perspectives piece, or ingredient profile (details on those below). We also strongly recommend visiting our archive site localbanquet.com to double check if we’ve covered your topic before. We will neither consider nor reply to any pitch that doesn’t make crystal clear how this story connects to Vermont agriculture — we get a lot of generic inquiries unconnected to our magazine, multiple ones every day, and it makes us grumpy.

Feature Stories ~1,200 words. Features should inform readers about important topics in Vermont food and agriculture. They should also be enjoyable to read, all features include a narrative element and are on topics that will still be interesting a year from now (ie not a daily news headline).

Personal Perspectives on Agriculture in Vermont ~400 words. The personal perspective may be your own or a profile of somebody else’s, in either event it should offer readers a unique glimpse through another person’s eyes in a short essay style.

"Set the Table With. . . " Profiles of Interesting Ingredients, ~ 300 words plus recipes / preparation instructions. We aren’t a cooking blog, what makes an ingredient interesting for our purposes is less about culinary trends and more about agronomy, emerging businesses, interesting historical production notes. . . something tied in to its production. We ask that all recipes please be tested.

Bits and Pieces Pictures, audio clips, short video that show pieces of agriculture from every corner of Vermont. These are not compensated.

Every contribution should come with at least one photo (from your phone is perfectly fine). Ingredients profiles should come with a collection of several photos to choose from.

Full writers guidelines are available here.